Bush Hog® New Boom Mowers Take Cutting to New Heights.

Our dependable, rugged boom mowers are a valuable management tool for towns,
cities, farmers and landowners with acreage. Extend your reach and productivity!


The ultimate in versatility, Bush Hog’s rugged, tractor-mounted boom mowers are designed to trim trees, brush or hedges and mow behind
guardrails, over fences, down embankments and around ponds. With four models reaching 11 to 18 feet from the tractor centerline, there’s
almost no limit to what you can accomplish. They’re easy to operate and built to provide years of dependable service.

Four models cover a wide range of applications and tractor sizes:
RMB1445-1, RMB1660-1, RMB1865-1 and the PT5 Powertrim-2

(RMB models to be used on tractors equipped with cabs only, and for rotary mower heads, protective screen material must be installed.)







    • Multiple cutting head offerings allow you to fit the RMB Mowers to your particular application. A Rotary Cutter head capable of cutting brush up to 4” in diameter is available for use on the larger RMB1660 and RMB1865(E) models. Flail Heads capable of mowing either grass or brush up to 2” in diameter, or Sickle Bar Cutters that specialize in trimming hedges and mowing round out the cutting head options.

    • RMB models fit tractors as small as 45 engine HP and weighing a minimum 4,410 pounds.

    • Hydraulic breakaway mechanisms on all RMB models break up and away to allow you to clear most obstacles encountered while mowing.

    • The RMB1660 and RMB1865 units offer a Power Slew feature that allows the operator to rotate the cutter 100˚ to the rear, thereby permitting the cutting out of corners and mowing within the tractor’s width.

    • Easy-to-use cable control valve bank for   in-cab operation with an optional electronic proportional valve, joystick, controlled system available on the RMB 1865En model. Models now offer Quick-Detach control cables which permit the operator to leave the controls in the cab when the unit is removed from the tractor.

    • All flail heads on the RMB models come standard with an adjustable front guard and front flap kit to protect from thrown objects, along with a built-in “wire trap” feature to keep loose wires from becoming entangled in the rotor.

    • RMB models offer optional accessories such as a lift float kit and skid kit on certain models.

  • The unique PT5 model is powered by the tractor’s hydraulic system, requiring only 3.7 gal./min. flow to operate the unit. A Flow Control Valve Kit comes standard on current models to divert excess hydraulic flow back to the tractor. The PT5 fits tractors as small as 15 HP. Its unique “swing over” design enables the unit to work on either side of the tractor. The PT5 is equipped with a swing arm, sickle bar head to meet the pruning needs of horticulturists and landscapers alike.


Boom Mower Models: RMB1445-1 RMB1660-1  RMB1865-1 PT5-2 Powertrim
Tractor Engine HP / Weight (Min.) —See Head Selection Chart Below; Varies Based on Head Choice—
Tractor PTO 540 540 540 NA
Machine Weight w/Flail* 1220 lbs 2403 lbs. 2470 lbs 397 lbs


Open Center Hydraulics System Only. Tractor Remote Outlet. 3.7 - 5.6 GPM Flow Range Flow Control Valve Kit Comes Standard on Current Models
Attachment Method Cat. I/II, 3 Pt. Mount Cat. I/II, 3 Pt. Mount Cat. I/II, 3 Pt.
Cat. I/II, 3 Pt. Mount

Cable Controlled
Quick Detach (QD)

Cable Controlled
Quick Detach (QD)
Cable Controlled (QD) /XTC Electronic Controls Cable Controlled
Max Reach, Horizontal (A) 14’-1” 16’-5” 18’-1” 11’-5”
Max Height, Horizontal (B) 13’-2” 14’-6” 16’-1” 7’-2”
Max Height, Horizontal (C) 13’-5” 15’-9” 17’-5” 5’-7”
Max Height, Vertical (D) 13’-9” 20’-8” 22’-4” 10’-2”
Max Depth, 45° (E) 5’- 4” 7’- 3” 8’- 2”  

Boom Dimensions
RMB1445-1, RMB1660-1, RMB1865-1

(RMB models to be used on tractors
equipped with cabs only.)

3/4” Cutting Capacity
59” Cutting Width

All booms equipped with hydraulic
or mechanical breakaway.

Head Selection Tables

RMB1445 RMB1660 RMB1865      7355804B 02

Tractor Engine HP/
Weight (Min.)

45 HP/4410 lbs. 60 HP/6614 lbs. 65 HP/7716 lbs.
Rotor / Knife Type Super Cut/Universal Super Cut / F91 Competition knives or
Multi-Cut / Competition Kinives
Typical Application Grass, Light Brush Hedge Cutting, Grass Hedge Cutting, Grass
Cutting Capacity 1” Diameter 1-1/2" Diameter 2” Diameter
Cutting Width 39” 47” 47”

RMB1445 RMB1660 RMB1865   7490964B 02
Tractor Engine HP/
Weight (Min.)
45 HP/4410 lbs. 60 HP/6614 lbs. 65 HP/7716 lbs.
Cutter Type Sickle Bar Sickle Bar Sickle Bar
Cutting Capacity 1-1/4” Diameter 1-1/4” Diameter 1-1/4” Diameter
Cutting Width 59” 59” 59”

RMB1445 RMB1660 RMB1865   BoomMowerRotaryHead1
Tractor Engine HP/
Weight (Min.)
Not Available for
use on RMB1445
85 HP/7614 lbs. 85 HP/8716 lbs.
Typical Application N/A Grass/Brush Grass/Brush
Cutting Capacity N/A 4” Diameter 4” Diameter
Cutting Width N/A 60” 60”

* For Rotary Head, protective screen material must be installed.




All RMB models offer selfcontained, fully independent hydraulic systems with twin pumps for optimum cutting performance



NOTE: Unit(s) shown equipped with certain selections and options;
please consult with your local Bush Hog dealer for all available configurations.