Bush Hog® Rotary Tillers

Tougher than dirt.

Whether you want a home garden or have the heavy-duty requirements of a professional nurseryman or landscape contractor, Bush Hog tillers will give you outstanding results and are built to provide superior performance year after year. Whatever the tractor size or the task, Bush Hog has a model for you.

Our tillers allow you to control the soil mix. With the rear shield in the open position, coarser soil and debris can be worked. Closing the rear shield produces finer mulching, maximum trash chopping, and soil blending. Offset capabilities range from 6 to 18 ¼ inches, allowing you to work closer to obstructions and cover the tractor tread. Our tillers are engineered to reduce wrapping and designed to keep dirt and residue from damaging seals and ball bearings, for years of maintenance-free service.

Bush Hog Rotary Tiller RTH

RTH Series Rotary Tiller

Available in 60, 72, 80, and 88-inch tilling widths for 40 to 80 PTO horsepower tractors, the RTH series is the bad boy of the bunch. Designed for heavy commercial work, they feature rugged construction, replaceable skids, and are direct gear driven for heavy duty, primary tillage jobs. Weighing in at up to 964 lbs. and equipped with a heavy-duty down pressure rear gate, this is the tool you can count on for the toughest jobs, year after year.

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Bush Hog Rotary Tiller RTS

RTS Series Rotary Tiller

Ideal for garden plots or light landscaping, the RTS Series comes in 50, 62, and 74-inch tilling widths and is designed for tractors from 15 to 50 PTO horsepower. Skid shoes are adjustable for precise depth control up to 7 inches, and the wide, high carbon steel blades provide long life and exceptional tillage performance.

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BHT Series Rotary Tiller

The Bush Hog BHT Series of rotary tillers fit a wide range of tractors from 20 to 60 horsepower and are offered in standard and reverse rotation. These models offer the long life and durability of a side gear drive and excellent performance in garden and landscape preparation for seeding. The higher weights of these units help the tines penetrate faster and deeper into the soil. Considering virgin ground for your next garden? A reverse rotation is the answer for mulching and incorporating the material for faster decomposition. This rotation circulates the material underneath the top hood for finer mulching and helps keep the tiller firmly seated in the soil.

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Bush Hog Rotary Tiller RTN

RTN Series Rotary Tiller

Designed for commercial landscaping and large gardens, the RTN Series features 72 and 80-inch tilling widths for tractors from 30 to 70 PTO horsepower. The #100 chain drive, tough construction, and impressive weight make this series an ideal choice for tough tilling jobs.

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Bush Hog Rotary Tiller RTNR

RTNR Series Rotary Tiller

Available in 60, 72 and 80-inch tilling widths for tractors from 40 to 70 PTO horsepower, the RTNR models feature reverse rotation tines for optimum seedbed preparation in fewer passes. The reverse action really rips up even the heaviest of soils, and the rear shield levels the prepared seedbed. An ideal tool for the commercial landscaper, its tough construction will give years of trouble-free performance.

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Subcompact Tillers

The RTC50G is ideal for tractors from 15 to 25 horsepower. The six tines per flange, usually found on heavy duty and more expensive tillers, give maximum mulching of material. The side gear drive, also usually found on more expensive tillers, will give years of good performance without having to consider chain wear and adjustment. The rear gate can be adjusted for the desired leveling of material. The driveline slipclutch is also standard.

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Performance Features

Powerful, Fuel Efficient Carbureted And Fuel-Injected Kohler® And Kawasaki® Engines

Infinitely Variable Speeds From 0 To 14 MPH

Easy Change Between Pivoting Or Locked Front Axle

Blade Tip Speeds Of 18,500 FPM

1 1/2 To 5 Inch Cutting Heights

Cutting Widths Of 55, 61 And 73 Inches

Fold-Down ROPS Standard

Full-Suspension Seat Standard


NOTE: Unit(s) shown equipped with certain selections and options;
please consult with your local Bush Hog dealer for all available configurations.