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Designed with versatility in mind, the Speed Drill utilizes a unique Seed Metering System that makes the Speed Drill capable of handling a wide variety of seed types, all with the same seed box.

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The Speed Slice offers precision seed placement and optimum seed-to-soil contact, ensuring excellent germination in existing stands of grass or new turf applications. It is designed to allow you to easily vary the width of the seed groove by adjusting the disc angle.

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If you take your food plots seriously, then you need serious equipment. The Bush Hog Speed Plotter offers quality and value in the most versatile implement of its kind. You can use it as a broadcast seeder for planting grasses, or as a no-till drill for planting row crops such as corn or beans. And you can switch between broadcast or drilling in a matter of minutes!

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Pull Dirt Scrapers

Bush Hog’s new DSP Line of Pull-Type Drag Scrapers, with standard fixed axle or optional tilt axle, is ideal for moving large quantities of material, leveling, and finish grading. The DSP units come available in 10’ and 12’ widths. DSP scrapers equipped with the optional tilt axle can do everything the standard axle does, as well as remove material on an angle for sloping, terracing and ditching. Material can be transferred by dragging it to nearby locations and raising the scraper to deposit the load. Surfaces can be graded and leveled by scraping material from high areas and allowing accumulated material to flow under the grader blade into lower areas. The DSP scrapers are designed for 70 to 125 horsepower tractors and have replaceable wear plates on the sides.

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Bush Hog® Compact Implements

Big performance for small and medium duty tractors.

Bush Hog’s compact tools are designed to do big things with small  and medium duty tractors from 24-45 HP. All feature Bush Hogs legendary rugged construction and performance features that’ll help you get the job done not just today or tomorrow, but for many years to come.

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Pull Disc Harrows (DHP Series)

Bush Hog’s new Pull Disc Harrows, the DHP Series, are designed for pulverizing soil, seed bed preparation and general tillage. Solid built units available in widths of 8’, 10’ and 12’, the DHP line of disc harrows are ideally suited for use by small farmers, food plot managers, ranchers, construction crews and nursery operators. The DHP Series units share many features available on larger, more expensive models, including front-to-rear leveling, a depth control system, adjustable-gang angles, and streamlined tubular gang hangers. Multiple blade spacing options are available with your DHP Series Pull Disc harrows. Put a Bush Hog DHP disc harrow to work for you today.

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Rotary Head Cutter for
the Bush Hog Boom Mower

Multiple cutting head offerings for our Boom mowers allow you to fit the RMB Mowers to your particular application. Our new Rotary Cutter head capable of cutting brush up to 4” in diameter is available for use on the larger RMB1660 and RMB1865(E) models.

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Bale Spear

An effective way to move or stack hay bales is with these economical 3-PT Bale Spears for handling round bales up to 2000 lbs. The units feature a main tapered spear 42” long and 2 welded balance spears. They are designed for 25-45 HP tractors to efficiently move hay bales without a loader. In combination with a loader on the front, the operator’s efficiency is greatly improved. The units are powder coated with a durable black paint to give lasting protective finish. Each unit fits both Standard and Quick Hitches.

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3PBS1 3-PT Single Probe Bale Spear for Cat I Standard and Quick Hitch


3PBS2 3-PT Single Probe Bale Spear for Cat I & II Standard and Quick Hitch



3PBU-XX 3-PT Bale Unroller Cat I & II Standard and Quick Hitch

To maximize the utilization of your hay crop you can’t just set the bale out in the middle of the field, you need to unroll it. 3-PT bale unrollers grasp the hay bale in the center of both sides, and turn on a central axis allowing the friction from the ground to “grab” the hay and start unrolling the bale. The bale unroller simply connects to the back of your tractor and allows you to roll out your hay bales like a carpet, no pitchfork required. The 3-PT Hay Handler/Unroller is rated at 2000 lbs. for 25-45 HP tractors. The bales may be either 4’ or 5’ in width and up to 6’ in diameter. The hydraulic cylinder is included. The unit’s arms are powder coated with a durable black paint, while the unit’s body is available in major tractor colors to give lasting protective finish. The unit fits both Standard and Quick Hitches.

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Two New Lines of Bush Hog’s Famously Reliability Rotary Cutters

Grass, weeds and small brush are no match for these authentic Bush Hog built cutters. Available in 4 foot, 5 foot, 6 foot, and 7 foot cutting widths, the BH10Series rotary cutters are designed to deliver superior performance in tough conditions, day after day, year after year.


BH10 Series

BH14, BH15, BH16 and BH17 models

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BH20 Series

BH25, BH26, and BH27 models

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New Rotary Tiller

BHT Series

The Bush Hog BHT Series of rotary tillers fit a wide range of tractors from 20 to 60 horsepower and are offered in standard and reverse rotation. These models offer the long life and durability of a side gear drive and excellent performance in garden and landscape preparation for seeding. The higher weights of these units help the tines penetrate faster and deeper into the soil. Considering virgin ground for your next garden? A reverse rotation is the answer for mulching and incorporating the material for faster decomposition. This rotation circulates the material underneath the top hood for finer mulching and helps keep the tiller firmly seated in the soil.

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Bush Hog® Post Hole Diggers

PHD2400 Series

Whether you need to drill holes for posts, tree plantings, structural support members or other tasks, Bush Hog® has a post hole digger to meet your needs. Our three 2400 Series models fit both Cat. 1 and Cat. 2 tractors. Augers are offered in both standard and heavy duty versions in sizes from 6 inches to 24 inches depending on digger model. Tough soil penetration is no problem for the powerful Bush Hog® post hole diggers.

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New Heavy Duty Subsoilers

HDSS Series

The new 3-point heavy duty subsoilers from Bush Hog® are the right tool for you when breaking up a hardpan developed over years of heavy use. Compacted soil can hurt you in two ways: plant roots cannot penetrate into the lower levels of the soil to tap additional nutrients and, in wet conditions, the excess water cannot drain away…both effects weaken your plants and reduce your yields. The new HDSS model subsoilers from Bush Hog® are available in four configurations, single or double shank with either short or long shank, capable of ripping the soil to depths ranging from 19 inches to 23 inches depending on the shank length. In certain areas, these subsoilers can be used to install water lines at depths suitable to get below the frost line. The beveled edge of the high carbon steel shank, combined with a heat-treated replaceable plow point, allow you to cut through the soil with minimal ground disturbance; shear pin protection is provided. When you need to go deep…the Bush Hog® HDSS subsoilers get the job done for you. Nothing beats a Bush Hog®!

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