Impeccable grooming.

If a beautiful, smooth, contoured appearance is important, you want Bush Hog. Bush Hog finishing mowers are ideal for contractors, government entities, lawncare professionals, contractors, property owners and homeowners with large lawns. Everything about these machines is designed for performance. Floating A-frames, hitch arms and clevis hitch follow ground contours and provide extra protection from obstacles. Offset wheels prevent tracking and soil compaction. Three overlapping blades produce a smooth, yard-like finish. Available in widths up to 84 inches, these mowers are built for low maintenance and years of trouble-free performance.
  • RDTH Finishing Mowers

    RDTH Finishing Mowers

    • Tractor PTO Speed 540 RPM
    • Cutting Height:1 1/2 to 6 1/2 inches
    • Cutting Width: 60 and 72 inch
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  • RDTH84 Finishing Mower

    RDTH84 Finishing Mower

    • Tractor PTO speed | 540 RPM
    • Cutting Height:1 1/2 to 5 1/2 inches
    • Cutting Width: 84 inches
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  • ATH900 Finishing Mower

    ATH900 Finishing Mower

    • Tractor HP Range: 35 - 55 PTO
    • Cutting Height: 1 to 6 inches
    • Cutting Width: 90 inches
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  • Tri-Deck Finishing Mowers

    Tri-Deck Finishing Mowers

    • Cutting Widths: 11ft, 15ft & 17ft
    • Cutting Height: 3/4 to 4 1/2 inches
    • Min. Tractor HP* 30 PTO - 40 PTO
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