Bush Hog®
3210 Lift Series Multi-Spindle Rotary Cutters

3210 Series (Available in a Lift, Pull, Semi-Mount & Offset Models)

The heavy duty 3210 cuts a 10-feet 6-inch swath and is available as pull, lift, semi-mount and offset models. With a high blade tip speed, the 3210 gives a clean cut in heavy grass, weeds and small brush.

Bush Hog’s entire line of multi-spindle rotary cutters is designed for heavy crop clearing, pasture maintenance, and other big jobs that require a durable, reliable machine. With cutting widths from 8 to 15 feet, and a range of hitch types and mounting options, these machines are built to withstand extreme duty and provide superior performance and productivity with minimal maintenance for many, many years.

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NOTE: Unit(s) shown equipped with certain selections and options; please consult with your local Bush Hog dealer for all available configurations.


Performance Features
  • 3210 Series comes in a Lift, Pull, Semi-Mount & Offset Model
  • Rubber Element Cross Shafts
  • Heavy Duty Cushioned Axles
  • Two Round Blade Holders
  • See Specifications Page For Models 3210 & 3210 Offset
Construction Features
  • 10-gauge Deck Construction
  • 7-gauge Strongbacks
  • 1/4-inch Sidebands
  • Rubber Cushioned Axle Arms
  • 5 Year Gearbox Limited Warranty
  • Powder Coat Paint
Product Features
  • All Bush Hog® Multi-Spindle rotary cutters feature structural steel bracing and reinforced welding at all high stress points. Streamlined deck design inhibits trash and water buildup problems.

  • Shields over all cross shafts fold conveniently out of the way to allow quick access to clutch or universal joints.

  • Special rubber-cushioned axle arms reduce shock loads during operation and transport.

  • A wide angle, constant velocity driveshaft on pull models relieves the PTO working angle. This reduces vibration and allows smoother cutting in sharp turns.


Model 3210 3210 Offset
Cutting Width 10-feet 6-inches 10-feet, 6-inches
Cutting Capacity Up to 3-inches Up to 3-inches
Cutting Height 2 to 13-inches 2 to 13-inches
Dimensions (width x Length) 11-feet 1-inch x 9-feet 10-inches (Lift) 11-feet, 1-inch x 13-feet, 5-inches (Pull)
Type Hitch 3-Point Cat. II & III Standard & Quick Hitch Cat. II & III Semi-Mount and Center Pull (Self-Leveling) Pull Type (Self-Leveling); (7-feet, 10-inches Offset Beyond Tractor Center Line)
Deck Thickness 10-gauge 10-gauge
Side Bands 1/4-inch x 10-inches 1/4-inch x 10-inches
Minimum Tractor HP 50 PTO (Pull); 60 PTO (Lift) 50 PTO
Driveline ASAE Category 5 (540 RPM – Lift, Pull & Semi-Mount); ASAE Cat. 4 (1,000 RPM Pull) ASAE Category 5
Cross Shaft ASAE Cat. 5 Rubber Element ASAE Cat. 5 Rubber Element
Gearbox HP (3) 210 Center and 205 Outboard (3) 210 Main and 205 Outboard
Tractor PTO Speed 540/1,000 RPM 540 RPM
Driveline Protection 4 Plate PTO Slip Clutch 4 Plate PTO Slip Clutch
Height Adjustment Manual or Hydraulic Manual or Hydraulic
Blade Holder(s) Round Round
Blades 1/2-inch x 4-inches – Uplift 1/2-inch x 4-inches – Uplift
Blade Tip Speed 16,881 FPM/540 RPM; 17,400/1,000 RPM 16,881 FPM/540 RPM;17,400/1,000 RPM
Blade Overlap 3-inches 3-inches
Tires Laminated, Airplane (Pull Only) Laminated, Airplane
Axles Rubber Cushioned; Choice of Single or Dual Axle for Pull Models Rubber Cushioned; Choice of Single or Dual Axle
Deflectors Selection: Front Chains and Rear Bands or Chains Selection: Front Chains and Rear Bands or Chains
Safety Tow Chain Standard for Pull Models Standard
Approximate Weight (Pull with Single Axle) 2,741-lbs. (Pull with Single Axle) 2,624-lbs.
Warranty 1-year limited warranty with a 5-year gearbox limited warranty 1-year limited warranty with a 5-year gearbox limited warranty
Features • High Blade Tip Speeds • High Blade Tip Speeds
• Deep Sidebands • Deep Sidebands

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